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German courses in Berlin

  • r dreamed of visiting Germany with all of its history and romanticism? Do you have learning the German language as an item your to do list? Why not do both at the same time? To properly learn the language, the best route is to take German courses in Germany. What better way to accomplish your goal than to take your German courses in Berlin, the capital and largest city of Germany?

    The German language is the third most learned language in the world. There are German speaking communities all over the world, but most notably in Ugg Boots Outlet the countries of Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. You could visit Belgium, Denmark or Italy and find communities whose native tongue is German. The German language is unique because Standard German has its roots as a written, instead of spoken, language.

    Within the German language itself, there are various dialects and differences. The most obvious being the distinction between High German and Low German. Low German is spoken regional through northern Germany, the Netherlands, northern Poland, and some of southern Lithuania. High German is more widespread encompassing the rest of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the German speaking communities of Belgium, France, and Italy. The naming of the different versions of the language is associated with habitats and those who speak High German come from the Ugg Boots mountains and hills of Germany and those who Ugg Boots UK speak Low German originated in the plains and coastal areas.

    The city of Berlin became a household name when the wall separating East and West Germany was taken down in this large city announcing the end of communism in the country. Berlin does not shy away from its history and there are plenty of historical monuments, memorials and museums dedicated to their past. But recent history is not the only one to draw in history buffs as a visit to any of the palaces and Ugg Boots UK Sale 2013 castles, like the Charlottenburg Palace of the Prussian kings, is a truly memorable experience. Germany’s romanticism, medieval roots and modern era commerce all combine in this breathtaking city. Berlin is also an important part of the European Union and a leader in science and technology. Berlin has the best combination of past and present as well as all the attractions and luxury of a major international destination.

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