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After the bank on behalf of the security deposit in cash to help people receive

  • 's business hall. Due to the small facade, Ms. Peng is not usually essential to put cash shop, go to the bank every few days, the business models are kept inside. In this way, she told security Nanxiaowang acquainted with this bank. The bank is often a lot of people lined up, Miss Peng store only her one person, no time line up,customhockeyjerseys, and because Nanxiaowang cooked, others feel good, there are times to put the money to him and asked him to help HOLD. Xiao Wang is very willing to do it,Barbour Womens Vintage Beadnell Waxed Jacket, each time to complete the "mission", most of the time to help save about 13,cheap mlb jerseys for women,000. Ms. Peng's phone and bank accounts are bound, if the accounts of the transaction, will receive SMS notification. This several times,buy cheap wholesale nba jerseys china free shipping, Ms. Peng received on time deposits success message, which made her feel that the security is very reliable. July 1 am, Ms. Peng went to the bank to deposit money, with a few days to a total of 10,330 yuan business models. At the bank, she found herself too soon, Xiao Wang has begun to shift, but the counter did not open for business. Ms. Peng worried storefront, hurry back, afraid weekend many people,nfl jerseys customized, so much money in the store safe, she put the money to Xiao Wang asked him to HOLD, himself hurried back to the store. Security both man and money quietly disappeared the same day 13:00 and more, Ms. Peng found the phone has not received the deposit successful message, my heart started a little whisper. She came to the bank, did not see Xiao Wang. "He said the family was in a hurry, 10:00 more on leave back." Bank staff told Ms. Peng. She suddenly dumbfounded, "I paying the money in his too!" She quickly explained the situation with the staff, please be sure to help find Nanxiaowang bank. Bank official heard the news arrived, tried to contact Xiao Wang. However, the other side of the phone has been able to get through. He advised Ms. Peng do not worry, and promised no later than Monday,Hollister Mens Vest, will help her find ways to solve the problem. But do not worry, Ms. Peng, or the police. It is understood, Xiao Wang is the bank hired by a security company, the bank will immediately inform the security company,, the other party immediately alert the local police Lianyungang Xiao Wang's home. According to the local police station immediately address Nanxiaowang ID card, found his home,, but Xiao Wang's parents said his son did not come back. Parents pay back the money for his son to seek forgiveness, the owner said they did not pursue Yesterday morning,, Ms. Peng once again came to the police station,, indicated a wish to withdraw the case. It is very strange to police, the security did not find the money away, why should close the case Ms. Peng finally tell him the truth,, saying that the money has got the bank let her off the case, because the money since it got this thing so forget it. Exactly how this money back Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted Ms. Peng,Mulberry Daria Leather Satchel Bag,, she said, the money is sent Xiao Wang's parents. July 3 in the afternoon, Xiao Wang's parents come to Nanjing to find her, pulled out of 10,,cheap jersey wholesale,330 yuan to the family rigged her, they made a special trip from Nanjing,cheap snapbacks free shipping, Lianyungang rushed to help his son pay back the money. They apologized repeatedly Ms. Peng,nfl kids jerseys, hope she can forgive his son. Ms. Peng said that since the money has got, it no longer held accountable Nanxiaowang of it. But police said the public security organs handling statutory procedures, although the money has been suspected of parent yet, but I suspect not show up to explain the situation, the police will not give up the investigation. Yesterday morning, the reporter went to the bank where Nanxiaowang, but the duty manager, said Xiao Wang does not have "resigned a few days," the day of the things he said is not clear. Nanxiaowang really gone As of press time yesterday, reporters,Ladies Flyweight Tartan Beadnell Jacket – Barbour outlet, police still did not see him. Currently, police are still investigating. (Party is a pseudonym) (Choi leads fee of 100 yuan) analysis can not be in a hurry "disappearance" may be suspected of embezzlement, "he and the money disappeared together, there may be two situations." Jiangsu RIMPAC too Lawyers Law