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s Day holiday placards called on to accompany their children (Figure) _ News

  • 's Day. The move by many people agree, have signed support. But experts said the country due to the current holiday has serious "overweight",Abercrombie And Fitch Womens Jeans, "parents accompany children with holiday unlikely to be adopted." Children and kids had never noon yesterday, at Victory Square area, two exalted written "June, I also want to leave,, I want to spend time with my child," the woman striking card. Most of the cards blank for passers-by to sign up, "June" holiday. In the past the public, especially the mother, asked immediately after the signature of the whole story. "Children need more care, I support." Out of a book center just signed lady said. Signature on the card is already packed. "My daughter is on the kindergarten in Dongguan, a few days ago she called to me, want me to accompany her through the Children's Day." Placards Ms. Hao said in an interview with the Express reporter. She is from Chongqing, 30-year-old, came to Guangzhou more than a decade. Because her husband has been working in Dongguan, Dongguan,, 6-year-old daughter also lives. Due to busy work, she can see her daughter once a month. "Every time I leave, my daughter cried non-stop." Miss Hao said the couple had intended to buy a house in Guangzhou, but the exaggerated prices so that they can not do so. A few days ago, my daughter called to let Ms. Hao participate in "June" show, a person want to go to the playground to play,cheap authentic nfl jerseys for sale, Miss Hao heard cry, "I'd love to, but not open itself to work,Men’s Mulberry Printed Leather C Wallet, 6-year-old daughter , I have never worked on Children's Day with her. " At that time she decided to use a call to action, "June" holiday with their children. With action a gift for his daughter Miss Hao said that she was called on lunch breaks out. She hopes to collect more signatures as possible to the leadership of the company, the proposed unit "June" to my mother the day employees leave. "In fact,cheap jerseys youth nfl, many people like me, do not have time to accompany the children to work." Miss Hao said. "If there is one holiday that I could accompany her to the Wild Animal Park,,hollister clothing outlet online, where her daughter's favorite." Miss Hao even longing situation from a holiday. The placards with the Lee family lived in Guangzhou. "My situation is much better,Tankerville Quilt – Discount Barbour, but still want to support her,Barbour Womens Rebel Waxed Jacket,, hoping saving children's holiday!" She said, a lot of schools, "61" Children have a parent-child activities,Womens Waterproof Reversible Derby Mac Jacket – Barbour Wholesale, schools want parents to accompany their children to participate in together,, but the parents did Because you want to go to work,Barbour Womens Peninsula Down Quilted Jacket, most do not have time to accompany, "Children's Day afternoon basically one person had their own children." Finally, Ms. Hao told reporters that she knew the feasibility of "June" is not a holiday, "but I would signature brand and newspaper reports,,women s nfl jerseys wholesale,, as a gift for his daughter and let her know how much I love her . " Children folklorists put "accompany false" basically hopeless accordance "National Holidays and Festivals approach", children under 14 years of age "June" holiday one day. "61" Children of parents leave feasible Express reporter yesterday interviewed a professor of Chinese at Sun Yat-sen, China Folklore Society,cheap patriots jerseys, vice chairman Ye Chunsheng. Children of parents leave,, he said basically impossible,Ladies Belsay Jacket – Barbour on sale, "a national holiday, should be based on tradition, history to determine the level of economic development, we have far exceeded the existing holidays a." He believes that "March" Women's Day, "61" Children, the state's population has these specific holiday requirements. In the case of excessive holidays, Children's Day holiday is difficult to consider the request. (Stringing people: Tian prize: $ 100)