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Man hit by six car drunk driving caused two dead continued villagers called non-

  • '' threatened" in the title of the report on the number of sites. These reports again sparked the identity and background of the perpetrators of the many questions. Among them, the majority of users of most concern is the "perpetrators are wealthy." To understand clarify the facts,moncler outlet, the reporter visited the 17th in the afternoon after the village where the perpetrators and their families found that net transfer of "perpetrators are wealthy,," saying non-existent, the perpetrators are not only wealthy families, but also considerable constraints on Even the victim's compensation funds are donated to help the villagers committee launched Minato. Perpetrators who lives in Shishi City,,barbour sale, Fujian Hanjiang Zhen Huang Tsai Village Houses grass stem villages. In Aberdeen village house, several village officials told reporters, in fact, Hwang and "rich" do not touch. Hwang and his father only a small fishmongers. "There is time to sell the fish every day to buy some fish xiangzhi pier, then pulled the fish market in Quanzhou, China State stall trafficking. Hwang family still live in the house built by my grandfather, father,hollister deutschland, four brothers are currently Hwang crowded live together. "Under the leadership of the villagers,nfl jerseys, the reporter came to the" grass handle 41. " This is an ordinary double stone house,, part of which is still single. Walked into the room,, Hwang weeping mother was sitting on the side, on the side of their father. Door display some bamboo basket for fish, close to when you can smell a fishy smell. On the first floor on the eastern side, the reporter saw four house are as a kitchen. A cousin told reporters Hwang, Hwang, a perpetrator and uncles each a kitchen. Hwang went into the home kitchen,, the reporter noted that the kitchen is only about 20 square feet,hogan, because the middle placed a dining table,woolrich outlet, kitchen space appear more crowded. Hwang's cousin, said the house was covered in the 1980s,, there are currently 17 people crowded living here, where Hwang family five people, in addition to his parents, a sister and a sister, his sister just last year Xiamen to work, and my sister is still in school. And after graduating from junior high school Hwang has been followed in his father sell fish. In Hwang door,,hoagn outlet, the reporter saw a parked minivan Wuling Min C98327. "Hwang and his uncles and a few are selling fish,mulberry outlet, which they used to pull the fish truck. Hwang opened the car accident that day, not his own, is one of his Tang Shu." Because of the moratorium's sake , a small truck parked at the gates of the most recent period. Several villagers told reporters that the village young people see the Internet, said Hwang is "rich second generation", find it laughable that a serious distortion of the facts, and said that when the police car pulled Hwang has threatened to "lose money at home," police investigation into the village,hollister france, they had asked police investigators, police also explicitly told them,air jordan pas cher, did not hear the police Hwang has said anything. Reporters learned that,hogan outlet, after Hwang drunk driving accident, the village is very concerned about this matter. Hwang family because of poor economic conditions. Aberdeen village house also launched the villagers together donated by the village came forward to take the initiative to contact accident victims,, communicate,hollister, negotiate compensation. 17 afternoon, the reporter also from relevant departments of Shishi City Public Security Bureau learned that the perpetrators Hwang public security organs have been lions on suspicion of "endangering public safety" to the prosecution brought arrest. (End)