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Gold ore flotation process

  • Gold ore flotation process: According to the survey, about 80% of China's rock gold mines use flotation method to select gold, and the produced concentrates are sent to the non-ferrous smelters for treatment. Due to the increasing development of gold by cyanidation and the reduction of concentrate transportation losses in order to improve economic efficiency and enterprises, the product structure has undergone major changes in recent years, and more local treatment has been adopted (of course, due to contradictions and pricing between the selection and smelting Such problems, forcing the mine to deal with it on its own, have led to a major development in the flotation process and occupy a considerable position in gold production. There are usually two processes of preferential flotation and mixed flotation. [url=]Copper Processing[/url] In recent years, there have been new progress in process modification and pharmaceutical addition systems, and the flotation recovery rate has also increased significantly. According to the survey of flotation process indicators in more than 40 gold selection plants across the country, the recovery rate of sulphide ore flotation is 90%, a few are as high as 95% to 97%; the recovery rate of oxidized ore is about 75%; 85%. In recent years, there have been many innovations and research results in the flotation process, and the results have been obvious. Stage grinding process, heavy-floating combined process, etc. are the main trends in the development of flotation process in China. [url="]Quartz Processing[/url] For example, the Xiangxi Gold Mine adopts the heavy-floating combined process to select the stage grinding stage and obtain better indicators. The recovery rate is increased by more than 6%; Jiaojia Gold Mine, Wulong Gold Mine, Wenyu Gold Mine, Dongpu Gold Mine, etc. Get a certain effect. [url="]Graphite Processing[/url]