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constructing and repairing walls

  • systems. Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) paneling is a durable wall covering. During the FRP installation process, the panels must be cut to fit on the wall. The composition of FRP panels requires the use of special carbide tipped saw blades to perform the cut. Proper safety equipment is essential to guard against flying debris, cuts and inhaling the

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    somekeyword dust.Structural panels are continually needed in constructing and repairing walls, floors, decking, bridges, roofs, and the like. In the prior art, conventional construction materials, e.g., steel, concrete, and wood, are used for high performance deck and wall structures because such materials typically have a high load bearing capacity.

    There are several disadvantages associated with using such conventional construction materials in structural panels. First, such structural panels have a short service life in that they degrade over time: steel panels corrode, concrete panels spall, and wood panels rot. Second, such structural panels tend to be very heavy in order to achieve the required load

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