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The difference between tiles and tiles

  • The essence of porcelain piece is a kind of piece, use at metope adornment commonly, itself do not contact with blank wall directly, and want to maintain corresponding distance between metope. Tile itself is also a good decorative feature, but in the form of rectangular block, and tiles are completely different; When ceramic tile is constructed, need is fixed lowes garage floor paint with cement, and it is to be with metope through cement completely close if look from ply, ceramic tile and porcelain piece also have very big difference. The thickness of porcelain piece is very thin, far less than the thickness of ceramic tile, and the sense of scale is very light; Relatively speaking, ceramic tile thickness is bigger, measure feeling is very heavy. Because of this, both of them are laid on a completely different way. If the tile is tiled by tiles, it will types of materials composites one fall off the wall immediately.

    And porcelain piece USES the shop of ceramic tile stick method, basically its peculiar aesthetic feeling also does not have. Porcelain piece and ceramic tile also have very big difference in skid resistance. The main function of porcelain piece is to be used for decoration. In order to achieve a good decoration effect, the more smooth the surface of porcelain piece, the better, which leads to its basic non-slip; Ceramic tile is different, vitrified brick is the ceramic tile that prevents slippery wood plastic fence for kids in dubai character very good breed, so on slippery sex, ceramic tile is far better than ceramic piece.

    Porcelain piece and ceramic tile should have a clear division words, porcelain piece belongs to a kind of China, be like the porcelain dish in the home, on making craft differ little; Ceramic tile is different, ceramic tile belongs to the category of floor tile, it is to pass fire and become; The two have a very clear distinction in the production process, can be said to be two categories of products. Tile or tile on the upper wall is a good choice if you are doing partial wall decoration. Full colour and lustre, reverse luminosity also is right, as adornment can let your metope look more have class. If you are a blank wall decoration, it is better plywood in thailand to use tiles. The ceramic tile is firm, waterproof, anti - skid, anti - impact ability strong characteristic.