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fence does not fit in the frame

  • Front fence Installation Composite fence installation should be carried out by a qualified fitter to ensure it is done correctly. The installation requires at least two people, as the weight of the front fence can make it tricky to handle. Before removing the old front fence, it is vital to check that the new composite fence is all correct and present. First, check

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    the packaging to ensure there is no damage that may have been caused during transit. If all seems OK, begin to unpack the new fence, making sure that you don't damage the face of the fence if you are using a sharp knife. Measure the new fence AND the fenceway to ensure you have the correct size and check all the fittings sent with the fence. If

    everything is present and correct, you can begin the process of removing the old front fence. To begin with, run a knife around the outside of the old fence frame, both inside and outside. Next, remove the old front fence from its frame. Saw in the middle of the old fence frame then, protecting the brick with a packer, pry the frame away with a crowbar.

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