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How about birch flooring

  • advantages This type of product is not as cumbersome as other materials in processing, so it is also used frequently in normal times. At the same time, its unique texture is also very natural, and it has a natural price for composite 2x4 lumber beauty that returns to the original, showing a different visual shock effect. In addition, the soft texture is a major feature of birch flooring. The ancients used birch to make small decorations. As a kind of more common tree species, it is very suitable to make the floor. It is not only low in cost, but also has a good effect.

    The birch flooring processed by various techniques reveals the fresh and natural beauty and is matched with the home. The best choice for decoration, but also the most ideal floor decorations for most consumers. How about birch materials for deck steps flooring: Disadvantages Because the material is soft and not strong, it is relatively unsatisfactory in terms of wear resistance. Therefore, many flooring manufacturers in China usually use composite flooring when making birch flooring. Effectively solve the problem of birch because it is soft and not strong, and at the same time reduce the price of birch flooring, but it has another shortcoming, that is, the fiber has poor shear resistance and can not satisfy people's pursuit of high quality flooring.

    How to choose birch flooring because the color of birch is light, so you can carry out a square foot building costs in n va variety of processing. It is recommended not to choose products with deeper color when purchasing, so many bad merchants will mix the non-trunk parts of wood into the color. Too deep may also be high in water content, which may have adverse effects after installation. Generally speaking, well-known brands are more secure in terms of quality and after-sales. Therefore, when purchasing, it is recommended to go to the formal market to choose big-brand products. In addition, the price of birch flooring is generally low, but for various reasons, birch is caused. Floor prices vary, so when you buy, you can compare labor cost to install fence post the price of several different brands of birch flooring.