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e-commerce in the flooring industry

  • At present,foam board installation instructions there are many sales channels available for building materials companies, such as building materials market, specialty stores, building materials supermarkets, export, engineering, group purchase, network direct sales, community promotion, designers, decoration companies, etc. Although the building materials market,[url=]covering wpc composite steps cheap flights[/url] specialty stores, and building materials supermarkets are still the mainstream sales channels of most enterprises,

    the sales share of these channels has been declining year by year.wpc exterior wall cladding panels The low margin of the industry determines that companies or distributors must use low-cost methods to develop the market. Under this premise, group purchase and online marketing are gradually emerging and are receiving more and more attention from companies.[url=]wpc composite for boat floor[/url] Judging from the information currently reported by enterprises, many companies have already tasted the

    sweetness of these emerging channel operation park round picnic tables For example, Shengxiang Floor currently sells nearly 30,000 square meters in Taobao and nearly 10,000 square meters in Bell. The establishment of the online shopping mall is based on three main purposes: the first is to expand new sales channels to increase sales;[url=]step by step to put laminate under fence jam[/url] the second is to reduce operating costs (general online shopping is mainly to save store costs, personnel costs,