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China's flooring industry

  • highlights of this Expo will be worth everyone's attention? Bai Hong: When it comes to the highlights of the show, this year's show is still relatively large. At present, there are more than thousands of products exhibited at this exhibition,veranda composite decking grooved nantucket gray and about 40% of them are newly launched products in the industry, among which there are still some patented products. Eight patented products like the Hubei Flooring Corps and four patented products launched by Shenyang Simeijia Art Floor will be displayed at the exhibition. In addition, this year we added the third exhibition hall on the basis of the original. As a brand, their biggest expectation is to be able to do a good job in product quality and strengthen after-sales service, all of which must be

    recognized and recognized by consumers. Under the premise, therefore, we also hope that everyone can show their own brand strength and product charm through such a very good opportunity, replacing existing wood bench with plastic and on this basis get more rapid development, and the outstanding brands that have emerged at the exhibition in the past are currently Success stories also abound. Therefore, in addition to some patented products, a number of very innovative and unique flooring products will emerge at the show. For example, BRK inlaid gold flooring that brings a strong visual

    effect, self-heating floor in Changzhou Shanglange, Muyu stone floor in Shenyang Shiyuanyuan, Rhodesson painted floor, and self-contained two-in-one impregnated paper Floors will be presented on the show floor. Reporter: It seems that the Expo is still very much looking forward to. In your opinion, what is the role of the Expo in promoting the development of the flooring industry in Liaoshen and even the Northeast?cheapest way to floor a backyard Bai Hong: At present, Liaoning is one of the three major flooring industry bases in China, and Northeast China is the largest demand