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Nature Floor Care Notice

  • Nature Floor Care Notice 1. The natural wood board itself contains two kinds of floors, one is a solid wood floor and the other is a solid wood composite floor. But no matter what kind of floor, [url=]pvc fencing price saudi arabia[/url] the material is made of natural wood. Therefore, the water absorption rate is also relatively good. Although there is no waterproof treatment on the entire surface, it is better not to contact the water for a long time during the use. However, if the waterproof layer of the floor has been damaged, [url=]eco outdoor decking pricing[/url] then it is also Need to be repaired in time. 2. If you accidentally make more water on the floor, or if there is a case of water seepage, then first of all do not use a heater or sun exposure because you want to dry the water. Although this will make the water evaporate faster, it will also cause the floor to crack. So if this is the case, [url=]pvc plastic wood board jakarta[/url]it is best to use cloth to dry the water. 3, the hardness of wood and ceramic tile itself is not the same, so it is easier to leave scratches, in the daily small details, attention can also be maintained on the floor. For example, changing shoes on the door. This will reduce the need to bring sand into the house. 4, people who care about the floor are waxed, so regular waxing is very important for the floor, if you do not go through such treatment, then you can not use the family floor,[url=]best flooring for home with dogs[/url] because it will make the floor becomes very rough , so to be shiny, you need to wax the surface. And because of the long time, it will be easier and bad, so it needs to be repaired in time.