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steel granule manufacturers

  • Product Description Model NO.: S780 S660 S550 S460 S390 S330 S280 S230 S170 S110 Hardness:40-50HRC: Long Life Time:2000-2800 Times Origin: China Material: Steel Certficate:sgs Specification: SAE standard HS Code: 72051000 The size of Steel Shot: S780/2.5mm, S660/2.0mm, S550/1.7mm, S460/1.4mm, S390/1.2mm, S330/1.0mm, S280/0.8mm, S230/0.6mm, S170/0.5mm,S110/0.3mm, S70/0.2mm Chemical compositions Products Steel Shot Chemical CompositionC0.85-1.20% Mn0.40-1.20% Si0.40-1.20% S≤0.05% P≤0.05% MicrohardnessNormal:40~50HRC (377~509HV) Special:52~56HRC (543~620HV) Special:56~60HRC (620~713HV) Hardness DeviationMax Deviation ±3.0HRC MicrostructureTempered Martensite or Sorbite Density7.2g/cm3 steel granule manufacturers website: