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Acidulants suppliers

  • 1. Chemical name: Tri Sodium Citrate dihydrate 2. M. F.: NaC6H5O7.2H2O 3. M. W.: 294.10 4. Physical properties: Colorless crystalloid or white crystalline powder; Odourless, cool and salty; Slightly deliquescent in moist air; Efflorescent in hot air; Soluble in water but insoluble in Ethanol. To decompose when heated and to lose cystal water at 150° C. 5. Quality standard: ( BP93, BP98, FCC-4) 6, Usage: To be used as a flavor and stablizer in food industry, anticoagulant, reducer of phlegm and diuretic in pharmaceutical industry. Replacing Sodium Tripolyphosphate, it can act as an auxiliary of non-phosphous detergent. Applicable in fermentation, injection, film developing and electroplation. 7. Packing: In 25kgs net paper bags lined with PP bags. 8. Storage and transport: To be stored in a dry, ventilative and clean warehouse; Kept away from moisture and heat, poisonous substances. Handle with care. Sodium Citrate Anhydrous Functions & Applications * Acts as food additive /replace the sodium citrate/ chemical reagent * Food Processing/ Additive Buffer Chelate agent Nutrient additive Emulsifier Flavor for yoghurt * Beverages - (Alcoholic) Buffer acidity in cold drink * Dairy Binder in Cheese&minced meat Emulsifier in Cheese&cream Stabilizer in cheese & cream * Pharmaceutical Chemical reagent Anticoagulant Preservative Buffer acidity * Fruits & Vegetables Acid coagulant in Jams& Jellies Preservative Name of indexBP93BP98FCC-4 AppearanceWhite or light yellow crystal or powderWhite or light yellow crystal or powderWhite or light yellow crystal or powder Content(KC 6 H 5 O 7 ) ≥%99.0-101.099.0-101.099.5-100.5 Heavy metal(AsPb) ≤%0.0010.0010.001 AS ≤%0.00010.0001- Loss on drying%11.0-13.011.0-13.010.0-13.0 Cl ≤%0.0050.005- Sulphate Salt≤%0.0150.015- Qxalate Salt≤%0.030.03- Alkalinity%0.2Accord with the testAccord with the test Readily Carbonisable SubstancesAccord with the testAccord with the test- Transparenly and color of sample-Accord with the test- Pyrogens-Accord with the test-Acidulants suppliers website: