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Welcome to SGLobangs 2.0. I have decided to do a complete reboot of SGLobangs after finding the previous forum being overran by spammers. However our mission remains the same, and that is to bring you the best deals, promos and contests in Singapore. In other words, the best LOBANG.

When the kernel says no...

  • Hi, The only other times I can ever remember having any kernel panic's, was when I installed the wrong drivers and/or it was once again, my own fault to begin with! I'm not asking for any help with it, as my system is still working. I took some screenshots of it, if anyone wants a brainteaser. Just wondered what others experiences are (or ain't, for that matter) with kernel panic's. Have you ever had a kernel panic? Please help. Thanks! I did not find the right solution from the Internet. References: Brand Video Reveal