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Best money making professions on Elysium?

  • Hi, I realized that Mining / Skinning were the way to make money on the Andorhal realm, before it became a ghost town. Once Burning Crusade came out, I switched to Mining / Engineering when I hit level 70 to make my own Turbo Roflcopter. My main has been Mining / Engineering ever since, and always made good money. Now that I am on Elysium and at level 16, Mining / Skinning doesn't pay anywhere near what I am used to seeing. A 20 stack of copper isn't even 1 gold, and Skinning is far worse for selling on AH. I figured I would swap Skinning for Engineering eventually, but with so many people on Elysium, it takes a long time to get even 1 20 stack of copper ore, too many people ganking my mining nodes. Any suggestions for professions? Please help. Thanks! I did not find the right solution from the Internet. References: whiteboard explainer videos