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Street traffic captured by robbers armed with knives News netizens praised _

  • Netizen "Xi'an broke" in micro-Bo said,nfl jerseys, "some friends just passing through West Gate Cross saw this scene: police fought the knife-wielding thugs, armed with knives robbed subdued electric cars are criminals,woolrich outlet, police traffic police opened Shaanxi A3830

    Newspaper reporter Liu Lichun intern Du Dengke

    "I was driving him around,, forcing down the suspect car. Suspects after the fall,, the knife fell to the side,mulberry sale, in their struggle, I alighted from the vehicle, and to press down, control its hands

    'an is one thing to say at the West Gate Cross police captured a knife robbed near the electric car gangsters,, police netizens praised the "good handsome."

    promising,hollister outlet, friends, "Shaanxi TuanShengWei Mawan Tao" praised him as a good kind,hollister france,, this is the People's Advocate!

    Yesterday afternoon, the reporter was removed in touch after that, the traffic police are touted by users Xi'an Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Battalion West LianHu police squadron 28-year-old Zhang.

    There are a lot of friends salute him that society lacks is righteousness.

    True to the traffic police to blame!

    In the micro-Bo,barbour sale,, there are a netizen capture live images, the above is just the scene police uniforms criminals in police uniforms seen on its siren is "010577."

    May be this man saw the police car, turn on the west, near the entrance to the police detachment ran.

    "Nothing, I think this is what I should do,mulberry outlet, whether I was the traffic police or security police, or the patrol team,barbour outlet, these are a matter within the first reaction is definitely subdued the suspect." Zhang said.

    Netizen "Mommy can children bud" praised him as a good kind,!

    Zhang said yesterday 11:00,hollister,, he and his colleagues high deep in the North Main Street patrols.

    Big Brother just passing his uniform,woolrich, waiting for the arrival of the police station. good handsome traffic police ~ ~ ~ "reporter noted that the micro-blog on the Internet is frequently forwarded touted by users: User" pound 1208 "that the traffic police the young

    Interview with reporters yesterday informed that the traffic police in Xi'an Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Battalion West LianHu squadron of police Zhang,

    When approaching from north to south Jiajing Che Xihuamen Cross, I saw two men chasing a man running from south to north, in front of the man carrying a knife in her hand, someone shouting thief.

    let him touch the weapon,moncler outlet, on the spot of their uniforms. "Subsequently, the masses call 110,hollister sale, police station rushed to the area after the man taken away for further investigation.