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CEOs asked people to carry millions in cash along snow (Figure) _ News

  • Stake in the stone is too high near 345, an old man is shoveling snow, told reporters that he was 63 years old, "the body was okay, not tired." he told reporters smiling.

    Staff told reporters that they hope to invite one thousand migrant workers, "but today or late, the final road clearing snow more than 300 people,discount nfl jerseys, and tomorrow there should be more people, we hope that if the weather is good all day tomorrow

    This is 372, to Shanxi sector is 378 Stake, that is, at least six kilometers carts stuck in here.

    farmer told reporters, stone is too high for people to find their village, they were greeted to the village.


    "Dry 6 hours, to 50 yuan,, but also to the community to help, but also to make money, a good thing." Along the high-speed go inside, the reporter saw at all the waves of farmers holding a shovel shoveling snow,,

    Entrance not on the road, reporters along the lower mouth Luquan retrograde on the highway toll gate, the reporter noted, there are many people in the toll gate is clearing snow, some toll station workers,louboutin boutique, there are many more, are some of the peasant dress

    Stone is too high for staff told reporters that this is they asked of migrant workers, "the snow is too great,, really clean, but to our own." The source told reporters,,magasin louboutin, seeing how the snow is so great, "Our veterans

    've been here for a long time,

    very anxious,, early this morning, let accounting opened more than 100 million checks, take cash, he personally came to the highway carrying cash,nfl team jerseys, please help farmers along the sweep. "surnamed Zhang, who is cleaning

    "I did not see so much snow,," said the old man named Kang Shuhuai said,, "This should be called natural disasters,wholesale nfl jerseys, not to mention the money, just do not give money, help out it should be." Work stone is too high

    , the stone is too high all the snow clean up. "reaching the stone is too high Stake for 372 places, the reporter finally saw a lot of congestion carts, no end in sight.