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  • ■,giuseppe zanotti pas cher; case tracking

    Southern Reporter yesterday learned from relevant channels, Foshan Gaoming concern,louboutin pas cher, "Secretary Maotai" Xie Anhua corruption case recently made new progress, Foshan City Procuratorate has been initially verified, (hereinafter referred to as Gaoming District Planning Bureau) Gaoming District Development Planning and Statistics Bureau of the former party secretary Xie Anhua use of authority,hogan interactive donna, not only about the land auction, but also speed up the land planning approval,piumini peuterey donna marrone, to avoid "six countries" regulatory policy,peuterey outlet, to let others escape punishment illegal.

    Currently, the case is in the indictment stage, Xie Anhua Chancheng still detained in the detention center.

    Brought to light traces how greedy

    Cause of action: Guangdong Hoi Hing auction alleged bribery case

    The amount involved: 350,000 yuan

    In handling a case in Guangdong Hoi Hing auction related personnel suspected of bribery process, Foshan City Procuratorate on suspicion of bribery dig out 谢安华 basic facts.

    October 2005, the government decided by Gaoming Gaoming District Planning Board is responsible for organizing the region's public auction of state-owned commercial and residential land work, for the establishment of seven leading group responsible for the matter. Via the relevant assessment procedures, seven-member panel ultimately decided by the Guangdong haixing auctioned clever state-owned land.

    谢安华 is one of the team members, the auction house chairman 江某斌 to 谢安华 made,Christian Louboutin Sandals, if successful auction that extracts 16% commission to thank return. By the end of October 2005, Guangdong and Guangdong Hai Xing Zhi letter auction auction successful auction of four state-owned land,giuseppe zanotti, sea-auction to get a commission of more than 200 million.

    January 2006, on a farm in the West Bank clever, 江某斌 and Chen, vice president of the auction house, off a one-time gave 谢安华 180,000 yuan a day. In June, after a successful auction Hoi Hing auction clever plots near the bus station,scarpe hogan online, the benefits to 谢安华 offer again,hogan outlet 2014, this time in a restaurant parking lot XIQIAO,nike air max, amounting to 170,000 yuan.

    This is around two pens of 35 million in cash, was 谢安华 placed in his office safe.

    How power realizable

    Cause of action: to help people speed up approval, to circumvent the policy, to escape punishment to profit

    Amount involved: 795,000 yuan, HK $ 150,000

    Xie Anhua operating for many years in the planning system, which in the hands of "privilege" since so many real estate developers in droves.

    2008, when he was deputy director of Foshan City Gaoming Planning Bureau Branch Secretary of 谢安华, was introduced to the real estate owner Huang Chao understanding. Was developed by Wong Ying Feng Shang Yuan Property land planning and design, being considered by the Planning Board for approval Gaoming. Mid-Autumn Festival that year, Huang came to thank the office, expressed the hope that planning approval procedures run quickly, and gave Xie Hong Kong dollars in cash 120,000 yuan, then again twice festival fee birthright sent 30,000 Hong Kong dollars and 20,cheap christian louboutin shoes,000 yuan .

    In 谢安华 help, the real estate planning and design can be adjusted in accordance with the idea of ​​yellow and passed the assessment. Before the 2010 Spring Festival, Huang's office, they gave 谢安华 10,000 yuan, "holiday costs." Year in March, thanks to find Huang expressed the wish to purchase the meaning of the yellow spot that can be set free delivery. Xie was paid 300,000 yuan down payment, but Huang called him to the sales department, hands the sum of $ 300,000 in cash in a luggage bag, and handed back the Xiean Hua.

    2009, another real estate developer Tan Moukang Gaoming also find on the Xiean Hua. At that time, Tan Moukang are suffering its real estate projects by "six countries" policy restrictions have failed to pass the plan for approval. To help bail Tan,giuseppe zanotti femme, Xie Anhua then used his authority to influence the decision of the Secretary Bureau of clever planning council ultimately decided clever flexibility to adjust the implementation of the Planning Board "six countries" approach,hogan 2012 uomo, according to Xie and Tan guidelines, and ultimately passed the planning approval . One day in August and September of that year, as a token of appreciation, Tan offered to sponsor some of the costs. Xie Anhua agreed and proposed to 230,000 yuan. Later,zanotti pas cher, Xie Anhua instructions 谭某康 clever sponsorship funds in the name of the Planning Board, the 230,000 yuan deposit to an account opened by his wife Yemou Wing holiday travel agents. The money actually owned by Xie Anhua disposal.

    In the same year, smart real estate developers Tanmou Jia Fu Yuan Ya real estate development