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  • Taiwan News Online September 18 hearing,zanotti homme pas cher, according to Taiwan media reports, surnamed Yang bother to take care of preterm suffering from epilepsy wife, two year old daughter crying because can not stand, rage thrown under the floor mat of her death; Yang has a mental disorder symptoms but never seek treatment,woolrich arctic parka donna con cappuccio blu marino, but consciously "bad temper,zanotti femme," the judge lamented the lack of a party "disease awareness flu" tragedy,scarpe hogan online, according adults commit intentional injury death for the crime of child sentenced to two years, suspended for four years,hogan interactive donna, and have to go to medical institutions treatment.

    Surnamed Yang served as deputy in a duty-free shop manager, and his wife have two children, because of the small daughter premature birth,mercurial vapor, encephalitis, epilepsy after suffering wife,nike requin pas cher, so that a person living Dayton wrong. Young wife needs the help of others, coupled with the family's economic burden becomes heavier, a series of pressure to let Yang breath,hogan outlet, becoming irritable.

    Last July 2,air max, Young can not stand the baby constantly crying little girl in bed,hogan outlet 2014, first beating her left arm,scarpe hogan online, then hold her onto the ground; girls hit, intracranial hemorrhage leading to neurogenic shock, hospital eighteen days dead. Mackay Memorial Hospital found that girls who have strange wounds, suspected to have been abuse, notify the police. Young initially said it was a small daughter "fell out of bed,nike tn pas cher," surrendered the next day, "was my wrestling."

    Yang appeared anxious after the incident,hogan outlet 2014, self-injury,hogan outlet 2014, and even behavioral symptoms of degradation; Taipei Shihlin District Court exhortations "Veterans' mental state prison set, found his wife from the year before,louboutin wedding shoes, there epilepsy emotional adjustment problems,escarpin louboutin pas cher, even when her daughter crying will bite daughter.

    The judge held that Young deterioration due to impulse control, just let judgment fall,scarpe hogan outlet milano, make yourself regret regret; consider his economic and physical condition that made him serving not necessarily the best treatment approach, given probation.

    Young wife back to her parents live temporarily with his son, the Taipei City Bureau of Social Affairs keeps track of the situation for Yang's wife; Yang said he before irritability, and customers often quarrel,chaussures de foot nike, I am grateful boss still gave him the opportunity to work to earn money.

    Editor: Liu Qiang

    (Original title: man sick but I do not know, "bad temper" killed girl stuffed tragedy)