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  • Henan Daily News (Reporter Li Jiangrui) because his girlfriend broke up,hogan outlet 2014, Xuchang Man March 16 morning jumped into the river after a drunken commit suicide. Local firefighters timely rescue,air max 90 pas cher, and ultimately save a life.

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    10 minutes after the fire brigade rushed to the scene, "police,Christian Louboutin Sandals, 120 health care workers have been on the scene, we saw a man wearing a white jacket, are floating in a distance of about 200 meters from the central banks of the river." Local firefighters said.

    According to firefighters,tiffany outlet italia, the incident waters overgrown river's uneven, with the time in the morning, the water temperature is very low,hogan interactive uomo e donna, it is generally difficult to implement water rescue.

    Onlookers at the scene cries in Xuchang City Fire Brigade of Miao Deyu and Fanhong En put on life jackets, body lines of the safety rope,zanotti pas cher, with lights,giuseppe zanotti femme, long-handled hook and other rescue equipment,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, begin to save water. Even so,giubbotti peuterey donna, they are in the river is almost unable to move.

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    Suicidal man was taken to the nearest hospital in an ambulance,woolrich outlet arctic parka donna con cappuccio, to 2:30,gioielli tiffany, he gradually resumed vital signs,giubbotti peuterey uomo blu scuro, and can opening speech.

    It is understood that the night of the incident, the man's girlfriend made their break. Feelings of frustration after he went alone drinking and drunk suicidal thoughts, jumped into a roadside river. (Clues provided: Joe Lu, Yu Han)

    (Original title: girlfriend got drunk man jumping into a river to break)