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  • Reporter correspondent Yang Xu Song in Ventura,scarpe hogan interactive donna grigio

    Newspaper Zhoukou News January 28, Dancheng town Xie Ji mound Walled villages wandering Shi Shaohua homecoming, centralized cultural compound in the village for the village 190 elderly aged over 70 paid 300 dollars per person, old people have erected refers to the praise.

    Shi Shaohua is Dancheng mound town Xie Ji Village administrative village, childhood family poverty,cheap christian louboutin, the villagers got the selfless help. 1990s,woolrich due insieme, teenage 史少华 venture out,giuseppe zanotti femme, painstakingly ultimately successful. He currently owns several companies in Xinjiang,hogan interactive 2014 donna outlet blu, is very famous local entrepreneurs. He has arranged hundreds of migrant workers learn the mound town in their own company or introduced to a friend's work led to a large number of native people on the rich road. Every return home,piumini peuterey lungo donna blu, he should be sympathy for the hardship,zanotti homme pas cher, making a donation. Every Spring Festival also ask a famous hometown folks singing troupe for ten days on the drama. Every village engage in infrastructure construction, he is the initiative to donate money,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, hometown folks of his evaluation is very high. Over the years,hogan, Shi Shaohua for home investment has nearly one million.

    Spring Festival this year to return home,nike air max, Shi Shaohua has made amazing charity,tn pas cher 2014, and that is on the village 190 elderly people over 70 years of age condolence payments paid 300 yuan per person. Send money in the field,mercurial pas cher, many elderly people excited seize Shi Shaohua's hand,nike tn, reluctant to release: "My child Yeah,giuseppe zanotti paris, what are you good deeds Yeah, an old man on behalf of a family,woolrich outlet arctic parka donna con cappuccio, we the people of the village for several lifetimes forget you love it. "

    An interview with reporters, 史少华 said: "I do this thing worth mentioning,air max femme, just hoping to spread a positive energy,hogan interactive nero, so that more people take action,air max 90 femme pas cher, the more beautiful home built only common love and dedication! This society was warmer! "

    (Original title: rich folks did not forget his old red envelopes to the village)