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  • Shenzhen Airlines flight canceled,tiffany outlet milano, but the notification is not in place Gaiqian not free, there are lawyers pointed out -

    This is contrary to the principle of good faith

    Yangcheng Evening News reporter intern Zhang Shuai Peng Kun Meng Xin

    The evening of June 29,chaussure de foot adidas, Shenzhen Airlines a connecting flight in the second half canceled,zanotti homme pas cher, and Shenzhen Airlines did not notice. Meal night flights due to inability,hogan interactive donna, more than eighty passengers stranded in Wuhan. Yesterday, for the treatment of extremely dissatisfied with Shenzhen Airlines, Mr. Huang to the Yangcheng Evening rebellion. In an interview with Shenzhen Airlines aspects Yangcheng Evening News reporter interviewed insisted,air max pas cher pour femme, was carried out timely notification,nike tn pas cher, and no obligation to help travelers Meal evening flight. The lawyers believe that Shenzhen Airlines failed to fulfill its responsibilities.

    Shenzhen Airlines said the notice to the person impossible

    That night, a dozen passengers Wong and colleagues plan to take the Shenzhen Airlines flight from Wuhan to Guangzhou via Xining. In Xining airport lounge,woolrich uomo arctic parka blu, he was told, Wuhan to Guangzhou section of the flight was canceled. Meanwhile, passengers at the general seating area but did not receive any kind of notification. Near the boarding, Shenzhen Airlines flight staff was called "delay" in the broadcast.

    "After the broadcast,woolrich arctic parka donna outlet abbigliamento nero, around 20 people in the past, and asked people ZH how it is. Shenzhen Airlines personnel told them that the flight was canceled." A colleague Mr Wong told reporters. According to her and Mr Wong said some passengers until after the boarding, flight cancellations learned the news.

    The public relations department of Shenzhen Airlines imitation Lin Yue told reporters,hogan rebel, Shenzhen Airlines must do the notification, but can not guarantee that all passengers are informed, "Maybe he went shopping, or do other things that did not hear the broadcast, we can not guarantee that every person have been notified to the point. "

    But in fact, contract law and the relevant provisions of the Civil Aviation Authority show that the airline is obliged quickly and in a timely manner will be flight delays,nike tn requin pas cher, cancellations and other information notification travelers, and do the interpretation. This year in May the "normal flight regulations (draft)" is more clearly defined, the carrier shall, promptly publish flight cancellation information via SMS, telephone and other means to travelers.

    Guangdong Huanyu Mao Jing Ma Pingchuan law firm lawyers believe that Shenzhen Airlines failed to do its notification has violated the civil law principle of good faith. As early as 10 years ago, Shenzhen Airlines in its customer service guide provides encountered flight cancellations, etc., will telephone contact with the passenger. This time, Shenzhen Airlines failed to honor their commitments.

    Meal was unable to due to "documents"

    When Wong try Gaiqian other flights that night,nike tn, Shenzhen Airlines customer service, said due to the "documents" can only arrange their Gaiqian Shenzhen Airlines flight the next day. Meal tickets can not notify absence,tiffany bracciali outlet, have made Mr. Huang was unable to understand. Unable Meal, the frequency of passengers stranded in Wuhan,nike tn requin, until the next day before returning to Guangzhou.

    Lin Yue imitation interpreted in accordance with company policy, once the flight cancellation occurs, the entire flight passengers must "Overall Meal." Therefore,bracciale tiffany prezzo, Wong only to Shenzhen Airlines plans to take the next flight. However, a staff member of Shenzhen Airlines customer service hotline told reporters,woolrich outlet uomo blu, because Mr. Huang ride is connecting flights, tickets in their systems have been marked as "used" state,giubbotti peuterey uomo nero, and therefore can not be endorsed to other flights, "Our phone system not change,scarpe hogan outlet milano, we must find a check-in counter. "

    "In Shenzhen Airlines and Air mutual agreement of the premise, the airline should meet the demands of consumers." Ma Pingchuan think ZH responsible for flight cancellations, even though it claims to be objective conditions,hogan 2012 donna, but also should be altered tickets for passengers .

    Yangcheng Evening News reporter noted that early in 2012 it publicly announced that Shenzhen Airlines, canceled flights after passengers will be notified by SMS and unconditional Meal. But in execution, but discounted.

    (Original title: Shenzhen Airlines flight canceled but the notification is not in plac