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  • Shenzhen Special Zone Daily News (Reporter Wu Taowen / Chart) social concern Komeito traffic police squadron of police case has progressed yesterday. After a lapse of two months, Baoan court hearing again, and the first hearing is different is that both parties agree on whether Wang Fengli surrendered the initiative, is that Wang Fengli have surrendered themselves plot.

    4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, by the trial judge and two people's assessors to sit on the case to trial again. The prosecution presented several new evidence, including the Bao'an police brigade, Baoan Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade investigators and the New Komeito traffic police squadron leader issued transcripts of the testimony of witnesses and investigations, the new evidence were to prove Wang Fengli have voluntarily surrendered themselves. Wang Fengli's lawyer also said that during the investigation of the case, Wang Fengli took the initiative to call the squadron leader, have surrendered themselves plot.

    After the prosecution presented new evidence, the judge asked Wang Fengli there is no objection,giubbotti peuterey uomo nero, Wang Fengli said no. Although there is no objection to the new evidence, but Wang Fengli and the first hearing, as once again apologize to the victims, and to ask the judge to give him a chance of rehabilitation, early return to society anew.

    Yesterday's trial is only carried out over 20 minutes,hogan interactive beige/grigio, the defendant Wang Fengli relatives and some media reporters to attend the hearing of the case,orecchini tiffany, the victim Zou Yin's parents did not appear in court. Telephone contact is still Anhui home court for the reporter Zou Yin's father, Zou said he did not understand the parent law, just want to make a fair judgment of the court on the case.

    [Case playback]

    Drunk driving butt escape

    This year the evening of Jan. 2 9:40, eight-way street, Longhua, Bao'an District, road accident,christian louboutin uk, after a white BMW car hit a pedestrian and fled the scene. After the injured admitted to hospital and eventually died. Verified by the police, the deceased man named Zou Yin, 24-year-old, is a veteran, a lifetime in Longhua factory work. After the incident,giuseppe zanotti homme, the deceased cousin, parents, and other family members rushed to the Shenzhen girlfriend alive, struggling to find witnesses, attracted much attention.

    After the incident,tn requin pas cher, the city traffic police bureau investigation of the case as a priority case, the police task force on January 13 in the afternoon found the vehicle involved in a bright area,air max pas cher femme, the owner surnamed Wang. After investigation, the time of the incident, the New Komeito traffic police squadron of police Wang Fengli driving his father under the name of BMW via Longhua Bayi butt escape. After justice, Wang Fengli traffic accident confessed to the crime.

    September 21 morning, the case in the courtroom, Bao'an district court first public hearing. Wang Fengli prosecutor read the transcripts of statements in an interview with public security interrogation. Wang said in the statement, said the incident that night, he attended the wedding of my colleagues in the New Komeito a hotel, dinner,hogan, drink wine and wine there, and later with friends and other people in a car repair shop into a bar, the wine is not up on the first drive, etc. Muslims rule the home. When passing Longhua Bayi heard a sound outside the car, that is what the object hit the street,nike tn pas cher 2014, I feel there is nothing serious, it did not get off to view, straight drive home. After the next day sober, find the right mirror was knocked BMW car,escarpin louboutin pas cher, windshield cracks, called garages who drove away. He took the pills wedding antecedent cold, heavy rain on the way back again, because the hypnotic effects of drugs and alcohol, their dusky, and other details on the butt and escape remember.

    [Initial hearing]

    Prosecutors said the perpetrators tried to cover up the case

    When first hearing of the case, prosecutors said Wang Fengli driving the BMW fled after the incident, and no time to tell his family and where the traffic police squadron leader. January 3rd, the 4th,escarpins louboutin, he goes to work to change taxi. To the January 5,woolrich norwegian donna fur jacket blu, the New Komeito North Ring Road occurred two car rear-end accident, after receiving the alarm, Wang Fengli determined by the mechanism of fraud scene. So he let a friend garages open to the BMW involved in the scene. Then, letting the New Komeito traffic police squadron coordinators and drove a car created from the rear-end accidents associated with this illusion. After that done, this notice Wang Fengli coordinators came to the scene "investigation", "investigation" exhausted, and then people will be open to the BMW garage.

    Voluntarily surrendered themselves had cited the existence of heated debate

    When first hearing, defense lawyers and prosecutors whether there voluntarily surrendered themselves around the king had heated discussions.

    The defense lawyers said Wang Fengli in Bao'an police brigade to accept the notification requirements of his investigation, and the public security authorities did not identify the facts of the crime,