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Methods to Clean Jaw Crusher Parts

  • In daily use, jaw crusher is inevitably coated with oil, grease and dirt, which is generally by non-saponifi able oil, dirt and impurities. These oil and impurities are not different, so it needs a suitable cleaning fluid (organic solvents, alkaline solution and chemical cleaning fluid, etc.).Then the cleaning work, jaw crusher parts cleaning methods can be divided into two kinds (manual cleaning and mechanical cleaning).

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    Manual cleaning: The scrub. Put the jaw crusher parts in the container of diesel, kerosene or other cleaning fluid, and then brush with a hair brush or scrub with a cotton yarn. It has the features of easy operation and simple equipment, but low efficiency, which issui table for singleton, small batch and small parts. Gasoline is generally unfavorable because it is fat-soluble, and it can damage people's health and easily cause a fire. Spray cleaning. Spray the cleaning fluid with a certain pressure and temperature to the parts surface to remove grease. Mechanical cleaning. Boil to clean. Put configured solution and parts together into a washing pool welded by the steel plate with appropriate size Mobile Diesel Engine Jaw Crusher, then heat it to 80 ~ 90 ℃, boiling washing 3 ~ 5 min. Vibration cleaning.

    Put jaw crusher parts in vibration cleaning basket or the rack, and immerse them in the cleaning fluid, through vibration cleaning machine, simulation of artificial floating rinse action and cleaning fluid chemistry to remove grease. The ultrasonic cleaning. Depending on cleaning fluid chemistry with the ultrasonic oscillations by the introduction of the cleaning fluid, to remove grease.