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Control the Lubricating Oil Temperature of Ball Mill is Important

  • Ball mill is the essential equipment in mineral processing production line. During its production process, the temperature of its components will gradually increase with the operation of the equipment. However, some customers reflect that during the operation of the equipment, the lubricating oil always has high temperature, so how to control the temperature of ball mill lubricating oil?

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    First is to set the oil cooler in the lubrication system of ball mill. For choosing the cooler, the high velocity type is more suitable. If the resistance is high diesel jaw crusher, the heat exchange efficiency will be increased. The second is the design of the ball mill. When designing the ball mill, the volume of the fuel tank can be increased. Since the tank volume increases, the rising speed of lubricating oil temperature will be reduced. In addition, you can optimize the structure of the oil tank to ensure the full heat radiation of the lubricating oil in the fuel tank. If the ball mill has been designed, in order to control the temperature of lubricating oil, the design of waste tank is very wasteful, then the selection of lubricating oil can be considered, you can choose synthetic oil with high viscosity index and small evaporation losses to reduce the temperature of the oil.

    In short, the control of lubricating oil temperature is very important, if the oil temperature is not in very good control, it may cause very serious consequences.