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WildStar Wednesday - Stress Test Post-Mortem

  • Need to know how it happened now stress test fuss? Therein Wildstar Wednesday, Carbine wishes to inform everybody by what was lost, including confirmation that a stress test, aptly named "Stress Test Part II: The load Continues" is scheduled to happen today. So read on if you're interested in hearing what came out of a final test, in addition to the thoughts of Live Producer Craig Turner along with the always adorable Scooter!Find cheapest WildStar gold new from us. It boggles me to look at the complexity in WS Gold their systems - it is just crazy the size of MMOs need to be. Awesome they found some problems and possess plenty of time (hopefully) to iron them out.It's interesting to see several of the odd bugs they should work. I've got to say i think it's a good sign that Carbine is starting out with stress tests so at the beginning of the beta cycle, that will hopefully allow them to have sufficient time to fine tune the device and fix any problems. I really like the technical side - as being a developer myself (although inside a far more boring field than MMO development), I'm naturally inquisitive about the goings-on behind the curtain of big companies. Wouldn't have minded dogpiling the servers with all others through the stress test, but I believe the task got done without me. Good on Carbine for doing stress tests this at the outset of the game's lifecycle.I will have much ability in making WildStar Gold at the same time. So, whining about not receiving enough from my latest WSW? How about this Fist filled up with Dominion Galactic Diplomacy!!Think they already asserted they are going to invite more people for next stress-test but think they first need to invite all of that participated(or attempted to) into CBT2Think they previously said that they are going to invite workout . for next stress-test but think they first need to invite everything participated(or attempted to) into CBT2.Wildstar4gold is preaparing all stuff WS Gold For Sale for all those players at this time. Any news update, we are going to inform you.