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which oral care products are right for you

  • There are other problems that are often associated with periodontal disease especially among adults. The most common of these is tooth loss. It has been estimated that about 80% of people over the age of 20 would get periodontal disease and that is due to their poor oral and dental hygiene. marathon micro motor The important thing is that you should always consult with your dentist so you can prevent getting this kind of disease. Therefore what can you expect when you get preventive dentistry? You maybe amazed at its simplicity. 1. Regular dental check up This is where it all begins. By visiting your dentist on a regular basis, he can help spot any possible dental problem and then give you the right treatment immediately before it even gets worse. 2. Professional teeth cleaning. Your dentist or at least the dental hygienist will help professionally clean your teeth. dental portable turbine Not only will you get cleaner teeth that is perfect for smiling, but your teeth will be free from plaque and bacteria. 3. Your dentist can help you with your oral and dental hygiene. Perhaps your dentist thinks your teeth are not properly cleaned. He would teach you the proper ways of brushing your teeth as well as flossing. This will keep the bacteria and plaque at bay and from ruining your teeth. Of course for this to succeed, you will have to make brushing and flossing more of a hobby. 4. You will know which oral care products are right for you. Do not think that your dentist has a cut on this simply by recommending a toothpaste or floss to you. He has the best knowledge on which dental products work and which ones are just a waste of your money. He can recommend the best kind of toothpaste for you, whether one that has higher amounts of fluoride or a toothpaste that is ideal for someone with sensitive teeth. 5. You will understand the importance of good diet. The food that you eat can also affect the condition of your teeth. Dentists Prahran can suggest the best daily diet for you, specifically for the condition of your teeth or mouth. If you think you will have a hard time following that diet, just tell your dentist about it and he maybe able to come up with another diet. Most people think that preventive dentistry is only important if what you want is to have perfect teeth. However, there is more to it than giving people a great smile. There have been researches that show that the health of the teeth and the mouth can be linked to the general health of the body. And now that is another reason why you should regularly visit your dentist. Did you know that there are already some studies that show the connection between periodontal diseases with such ailments as stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, and heart attack? Periodontal disease affects the gum, teeth, and the bones in the mouth's area. What happens is that bacteria invades the mouth which then cause inflammations. These in turn may lead to high blood pressure. You probably know that a dramatic increase in blood pressure can also lead to a number of heart related problems.