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The Philosophy Of Balancing Legacy And Eoc In Runescape

  • Many mods have stated that Legacy will be competitive with Full Manual mode in damage output. The philosophy of balancing Legacy and EoC to get similar performance (with Legacy often pulling ahead currently) can be a flawed philosophy. Full manual, and in some cases revolution, takes much more effort (and thinking) than Legacy (which uses a single click per monster, activating special abilities periodically, and eating at most). The combat mode that takes effort shouldn't be tied to or surpassed from Buy Rs Gold the combat mode that takes minimal effort. Currently, players which might be experienced with EoC, adrenaline stall, time/rotate abilities for max DPS, and use EoC towards the fullest gain a minimal margin over the Legacy user that simply clicks once and enjoys the show. This isn't acceptable. Players will need to have the choice to pick the combat system that like most, but players should also be rewarded for bothering to find out the greater complex system as well as for adding the trouble to work with it in lieu of point and then click. This current technique is self destructive and can simply make tastes the ball player base polarizing to your stronger and vastly easier option, whether truly prefer it or otherwise, because that may be human instinct. We will make path of least resistance. Whenever you make the line of least resistance similar in results, in any other case better, compared to the alternative it might be obvious that is favored. Tone Legacy to a degree, even if merely to the degree of output that an average Revolution user would produce. Revolution is just like Legacy in this it truly is partially automated, so this kind of comparison will be understandable. Legacy could well be competitive to Revolution in output with less effort involved, but at the expense of utility through abilities. This way, full manual is just Rs 07 Gold not made entirely obsolete.