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Welcome to SGLobangs 2.0. I have decided to do a complete reboot of SGLobangs after finding the previous forum being overran by spammers. However our mission remains the same, and that is to bring you the best deals, promos and contests in Singapore. In other words, the best LOBANG.

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  • The commission also found that the civil war "is becoming more militarized because of the proliferation of weapons and types of weapons used", with arms and ammunition smuggled across Syria's borders to anti-government groups on an increasingly regular basis. Liu said rhinos like to be tickled, and he will do that on the long trip to Pu'er to comfort the animals."It should cause a profound reevaluation on our relationship with Russia and with Vladimir Putin, something that a lot of us have been saying for a long time," Senator John McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential contender, told reporters.Moreover, instead of reflecting on Japan's history of aggression, Abe put the blame on the victims and attempted to challenge the post-war order, which will not get support in the long run.He said that the Sri Lankan navy and air force were involved in a search and rescue operation but there are fears more may have been killed at sea.m. And they insist the world must test whether new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is serious about his announced desire for improved relations with the West. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon wrote to the Oklahoma governor to express his condolences and offer the assistance of the United Nations, if requested, said U." As larger numbers of Chinese workers headed to Ghana to join the modern-day gold rush, violent incidents occurred, including aggravated robbery.The municipal government of Jiangshan said the two students were believed to be travelling with a group of middle school students and teachers from Jiangshan on Asiana Airlines Flight 214 to take part in a summer camp in the United States.Officials said the women were apparently bound by ropes and chains at times and were kept in different rooms.

    After parliamentary democracy was introduced in the South Asian country, the lawmakers only once voted and elected president in 1991 as there were more than one candidates for the post.K."We want to turn Piraeus into the top port in the Mediterranean and Europe," he said.Obama said that the US forces took no direct part in the assault, and that US combat aircraft briefly entered Somali airspace to support the operation, during which they employed no weapons.Argentina's 1980 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Adolfo Perez Esquivel, expressed "his full solidarity with the victims" of the accident, which he described as "another tragedy foretold and avoidable.HARARE - Africa should boost trade with the world's leading emerging markets as an alternative to the Western trading partners who often impose conditions that "tend to be exploitative," said a Zimbabwean academic.Some 250 members of the security forces have been killed since then, most of them in the lawless Sinai Peninsula where security sources said an officer died in an attack on a police station on Tuesday.In 1884, a Japanese man claimed to be the first to land on Diaoyu Dao and found the island to be uninhabited.The IAEA team led by Deputy Director General Herman Nackaerts was due to return to Vienna early on Friday.Madiba is the clan name by which many South Africans refer to Mandela.

    There were no injuries or deaths reported in Montague county.Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Police of Mardan Mohammad Jaffar said that the killed people include two policemen who were providing security to Mohamand and a lieutenant colonel of the Pakistan army who was attending the funeral.[Photo/Agencies]MEXICO CITY - US President Barack Obama arrived in Mexico City Thursday aboard the official presidential airplane Air Force One, for an overnight work visit."The measurements themselves were very difficult," said Erik Hauri, a co-author of the study at the Carnegie Institution of Washington.